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All the contents of this web site contains: text, graphics, logos, creativity, and software such as the ownership of shenzhen bo lei da and the content of this website/information provider, shall be protected by the Chinese and international copyright laws. The copy of all content on this site (refers to the collection, combination and recombination), on this web site shall enjoy the right of exclusive and protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. The ownership of all software used on this web site belongs to shenzhen bo lei da or suppliers and protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. Specific information on this site, with permission of the site can be reproduced, and indicate the source.

Information release clause

Shenzhen bo lei da website can only be used for legal purposes, namely the view information, online consulting, user communication.

(1) prohibit the publication of the information published in shortage or false information, if discover the user violates the relevant provisions, and we will keep to suspend or terminate the service to the users.

2 all of the information in this website, all may not be in violation of state and local governments on Internet network information security rules, regulations, the provisions of the measures for the administration and other relevant laws and regulations;

Information content published by the (3) to release the user is responsible for the interpretation of the information, and independently bear all the resulting consequences and legal responsibilities.

(4) the user shall have the right to use the site through the web site all the information, while retaining the release information to the user management, modify, delete, right;

5] without authorization, this website user is prohibited from this site information used for other purposes.


(1) does not guarantee that this website provides the free service will not be modified, interrupt, termination, delay, also cannot guarantee absolute integrity and security of user information, be free service to the user to modify, interruption, termination, delay and loss of user information, this site does not assume any responsibility;

2 this website only for their own and entrusted by Hohhot tourism bureau release information guarantee the authenticity, legality, accuracy, no guarantee in addition to other users publish information content the authenticity, legality, accuracy, and its information content must be confirmed by the visitors themselves and assume the risk of using this information, at the same time, this site does not assume other users except its own release false information loss and responsibility.

The revision of the terms of service changes and service

Shenzhen bo lei da reserves the right to modify the terms of service when necessary, shenzhen bo lei da users, the terms of service will be prompted to change the contents on the main page. If you do not agree with the changes of the content, the user can take the initiative to stop the web service. If the user continues to enjoy the network service, are considered to accept the terms of service.

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