Job title:Business manager
Sex:Men and women there is no limitNumber:3人Release Date:2016-06-16
Job Requirements:Job responsibilities:
1. Under the guidance of superiors, and independent to carry out the sales activities, to achieve the sales target;
2. With customer by telephone, visit, etc, further partnerships with clients to build sourcing;
3. According to the market to provide market analysis, customer analysis, expand customer research; With strong ability to learn, developing new industry application;
4. Customer requirements processing, order tracking and payment collection;
5. Customer service and relationship maintenance.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering or power electronics related major is preferred;
2. Contact with super capacitor or lithium battery upstream and downstream products or a coach, wind power, rail transportation, charging pile and so on industry experience is preferred;
3. Have good learning ability, communication skills, negotiation ability and market development ability, can bear certain work pressure;
4. Character cheerful, honest and trustworthy, has the team consciousness, serious and responsible work, has the dedication to work;
5. Able to adapt to business travel, and a good customer relationship processing capacity;
6. Good image and characteristic.
Job title:The sales representative
Sex:There is no limitNumber:4人Release Date:2016-06-29
Job Requirements:Job responsibilities:
1, collect the domestic relevant industry policies and information, to develop new customers, looking for domestic looking for new marketing approach, organizations to take part in all kinds of large-scale exhibitions in China.
2, responsible for marketing and super capacitor products, complete the company issued the sales task.
3, develop local distribution channels, support the local agent/partner.
4, independent of project development and tracking.
5, collect market information, to provide sales and technical services to our customers. Provide market data/information to the company.
6, according to the needs of the company customer information statistics and reports.
Recruitment requirements:
1, contact or lithium battery, super capacitor capacitor industry or lithium battery industry sales experience is preferred.
2, love sales work, proactive, diligent, can bear hardships and stand hard work.
3, it is best to have a certain technical reserves and learning ability.
4, college degree or above.
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