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Shenzhen Broad aluminium ion battery cooperation agreement with Stanford university
Release Date:2015-04-21 07:54:56

In April 2015, shenzhen Broad new energy technology co., LTD. With aluminium ion battery and related patent holder - Stanford university and related team cooperation agreement signed aluminum ion battery, the two sides through the signing of the agreement, capacitance battery technology to establish a long-term cooperation in the future. Broad will continue to intensify the development of the technology of aluminum ion batteries work, make the aluminum ion battery production of fully automated production line with the company achieve seamless docking.

Aluminium ion battery

Aluminium ion battery with high efficient and durable, super fast charging, low flammability, low cost, can finish super fast charging for only 1 minute. In the experiment, the aluminum ion battery after more than 7500 charging and discharging cycle, electric capacity and no damage. Through test and analysis, aluminium ion battery power density is close to super capacitor of the power density, and its energy density can be several times of super capacitor, alternative and lithium-ion capacitor, super capacitor is a new generation of leaders of power and energy storage devices (reference: Nature 520, 520-324, April 16 (2015) doi: 10.1038 / nature14340).

Principle of aluminum ion battery (copy right: Nature 520, 324-328, April 16 (2015) doi: 10.1038 / nature14340)

Aluminium ion battery is a new kind of chemical energy storage batteries, rely on the aluminum ion in anode reaction, the batteries are produced by electric current. Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, the traditional lithium-ion batteries rely on lithium ion shuttle reaction, consumption is the limited lithium resources on the earth. High cost of the price of the super capacitor, its price and energy density limits its application. The price of the super capacitor is about 100 yuan/Wh, but the cost of aluminum ion battery can reach 20 to 30 yuan/Wh, can replace lithium-ion capacitor start and battery.

Aluminium lithium ion battery charge storage in the process of ion don't participate in the reaction, good safety performance, working temperature from 60 ~ 80 ℃, temperature range compared with lithium ion battery and super capacitor is more broad.


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