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Broad was invited to participate in Beijing military fairs exhibition Products were widely admired
Release Date:2016-07-08 15:45:36
On July 6, sponsored by the China association for science and technology, Chinese society and Chinese military and civilian integration of command and control technology and industry association to undertake the 2nd China (Beijing) and the fusion of technology and equipment exhibition in Beijing (Beijing junbo) national conference center to a successful conclusion. Former deputy chief of staff of the Chinese people's liberation army GeZhenFeng admiral, the north sea fleet of the Chinese people's liberation army deputy commander Du Xiping major general and military commission joint staff xiao-bo dong, deputy director, Lin director of the institute of Marine equipment, rocket xiao-an zhang military equipment research institute, chief engineer, etc. More than 800 military representatives to participate in this exhibition.
The junbo is the China association for science and technology development strategy of the implementation of the national military and civilian integration depth is one of the most important measures, to "command and control on military revolution, business innovation power civil-military integration" as the theme, show innovation resources, provide momentum for military and civilian integration depth development, to forge a national effort civil-military integration technology exchange and display platform.。

Shenzhen Broad new energy technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Broad) with super capacitor, super battery military systems, such as product appearance this exhibition, which shows the military ultracapacitors flashlight, military battery system is highly recognized by clients earnest attention and some army units, in order to promote Broad applications in military industry market brand laid a good foundation!


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