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BLD - Industry Pioneer in super capacitor
Release Date:2015-08-29 16:31:37

    On August 26 to 28, the sixth China (Shanghai) international super capacitor industry exhibition held in Shanghai international exhibition center. The event gathers the national each big business enterprise of the super capacitor. Bo lei da as important exhibitors to participate in the exhibition.
    Based on the global climate and environment worsening, as well as the main economic market to the pressing needs of the concept of new growth, new energy market will have a long development cycle and steady growth potential. The super capacitor as an important part of of the family of new energy, it has been concerned and look good.

According to statistics, in 2014 ~ 2023 super capacitor markets around the world will grow about 20 times the average annual compound growth will reach 39%, the industry is expected to reach $3.5 billion. China has now become a global super capacitor manufacturers, raw material suppliers to focus on the market, the super capacitor series products have been in the domestic application in the new energy cars, wind power, power grids, rail transportation, war industry, petroleum machinery, solar photovoltaic, and other fields, including energy saving and new energy cars, wind power has formed the scale and has been applied in mature stage.

At present domestic super capacitor terminal application market dependence of policy also is higher, especially since 2015, the national policy guide the application of lithium electricity, including charging pile, the domestic market sales super capacitor caused a certain influence. Ultracapacitors market, however, in addition to the policy guidance, the most fundamental reason for the current domestic super capacitor products research and development and sales also is relatively single, super capacitor energy storage system integration is still basically in the blank stage. Based on this, Broad based on their natural advantages, in the super capacitor research and development of raw materials, super capacitor and super battery development, combined with market and customer demand, is committed to the super capacitor, new energy vehicles, charging pile form a local mobile network, to achieve a closed loop "distributed mobile energy storage system", "essentially solve the single way of energy storage and energy saving. The following is a reporter to interview transcript.

Reporter: mr.wong, hello! Please introduce your company.

Broad: shenzhen Broad new energy technology co., LTD is a listed company holding subsidiary of shenzhen HaoNing instrument co., LTD., mainly engaged in the research and development and production of new materials and green energy, dedicated to provide clients with green energy storage and power system solutions. The company has a strong r&d team, the core research and development team including postdoctoral, doctoral and master's and other professional and technical personnel more than 30 people, in the new energy materials, super capacitor, power battery Pack and integration, and other fields has rich working experience. Company invested $110 million to build a fully automatic production line, which can realize annual output of 100000 sets of power supply module production capacity.

Reporter: Broad now what is the main advantage of the launched products? These products will bring what breakthrough for the industry?

Broad: Broad in strategic planning, products are divided into three stages:

First stage: the super capacitor, the development and application of super capacitor energy storage system, this is what we focus on the development of a business, now we have developed 350 f - 350 f single body such as a variety of super capacitor. We developed super capacitor made great breakthrough on electrode manufacturing technology, new technology on the technical route is different from the traditional wet coating process, has increased enormously in terms of product quality and yield, Broad is a global industry leader in terms of raw material process.

The second stage: aluminum ion battery

We adopt non-flammable ionic liquids and safety higher aluminum anode material research and development production of a new generation of aluminum ion battery, with 2 v voltage platform, the energy density of 60-120 wh/kg, is the most promising alternative lithium ion battery of the latest generation on behalf of the product. The company's core team members had been founded with Stanford university research team, now has technical breakthrough in the field of the world was focused on.

The following is a super capacitor, aluminium ion battery and lithium ion battery comparison from, can see obvious aluminium ion battery application in battery family has a strong advantage.

The third stage: the concept of distributed mobile energy storage system is Broad is put forward for the first time in domestic, is also the first foreign formally announced in public company development strategic target.

We believe that the future with the increasing deterioration of the global climate and environment, as well as the main economic market to the pressing needs of the concept of new growth, urban life "electric" will become the mainstream of people travel and lifestyle, from hybrid cars in recent years to pure electric vehicles, the application of wireless tram in places such as guangzhou, all reflect the "electric" city development trend; City life circle population density increasing and people's desire to energy demand, in does not pollute the environment at the same time, people's life quality at the same time also can get up, tesla's success has strong confirmed city "electric" pollution-free realizability.

Now to solve the problem of the first the city "electric", is how to provide sufficient electricity anytime and anywhere, and stable and orderly operation. From the policy guidance of economic thrust is also difficult to surge in users, this is the current super capacitor lose preferential policy, one of the main factors in the market at present have different judgment of hybrid, electric, essentially the effectiveness of the two, has not been make full use of and solve, batteries and ultracapacitors they are not competitive relationship, but a complementary relationship. Capacitance is fast charge and discharge and high-power attribute, and the energy storage battery and battery life is strong, if by "distributed energy storage system" link, not only reduce the pressure of demand for urban power grid, but also to the urban "electric" contributed to a qualitative change. For example:

The day we can through the solar or wind power, the power supply directly by super capacitor stored or battery, car battery at night surplus energy can be converted to the home court through the intelligent control system life electricity, it will form a family local area network system, we can be called "local distributed mobile energy storage system". In city center living area population density, this way not only make full use of the energy, but also can improve the quality of local power grid.

Reporter: in the super capacitor energy storage market, Broad how to meet customer demand in the market competition?

Broad: super capacitor, aluminum ion battery, charging cabinet, charging pile will be effected according to the strategic planning and comprehensive development, in the market to give customers with perfect technical solution.

Reporter: in the new energy cars, wind power and other mature markets, terminal customers to get benefits?

Broad: currently, the super capacitor is one of the factors of failed to popularize its price is too high, although in recent years, the super capacitor price decline faster, but customers receive force for its price is low. Broad in battery/ultracapacitor raw materials, products, technology development and application, and other fields, has formed a complete industrial chain. We at the same time in the meet customers' technical requirements, and can reduce the purchase cost of customers.

Reporter: could you please tell me about the future we in the energy storage market, what kind of services would make?

Bo lei: technical support, product development and after-sales service is Broad troika, neck and neck.

(1) technical support: the team has a fast identification of customer needs, and can convert customer requirements into technical solutions, the team reflects the Broad foreign fundamental, at present it has three members of our technical support Dr Sea turtles, it according to the different needs of various industries, the team is still in growing;

(2) research and development: this is the root of the company, this we already mentioned in front;

(3) service: product in energy storage systems are perfect today, post-sale in solving customer problems at the same time, also is responsible for product promotion put forward concrete opinions, after-sales service team will be an important force, is the company's foreign service window.

Our internal call above "triad integration mode", a 360 - degree all-round service, flexible use of at the different stages of the clients.

Reporter: you as an industry veteran who, how to evaluate the global movements of energy storage market?

Broad: the current domestic market facing industry accelerate the development of super capacitor and the double opportunities of import substitution, the upper material to customer wide, import substitution space is not large, and the super capacitor domestic enterprises is a double benefit. According to the international authoritative organization predicts that the super capacitor application market is as follows:


Super capacitor mainly used car market at present is also cultivating stages, application market next year is expected to have a larger breakthrough, the industry application of super capacitor will continue to grow.

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