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The super capacitor in the application of the wind power industry
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Pitch system backup power: Provide DC power/emergency back-up power when pitch system stopped.
Solutions introduction
Pitch system can constantly adjust blade pitch so that it meets the fan works. This not only ensures the fan to maintain a constant power output then avoid blade fracture caused by excessive mechanical pressure , but also can reduce the mechanical stress of the turbine structure, thereby extending its life.
As well known,the running fan needs the emergency backup power systerm when the grid fails. Alternate Energy systerm is a systerm that provides sufficent power to adjust the blades to neutral postion safely. To avoide the fracture or scrapped casued by uneaven or excessive wind .
Compare to battery, Supercapicitor has 5 advantages when use for pitch systerm.
1.High Watt density,means supercapacitor release huge power instantaneously.
With different battery, super capacitor can instantly power, to ensure that the blade under the condition of power grid failure to quickly return to the neutral position. In view of the super capacitor charging a lot faster than batteries, the power demand and supply capacity under the condition of short term does not match, the super capacitor can also provide high reliability.
2. Reduce the total cost of ownership
Using super capacitor is analyzed.studying electric system upfront costs like battery system, but the battery is analyzed.studying electric system (excluding energy storage device) require more complex charging and monitoring system, which will lead to higher costs. Using super capacitor system needs less number of components, machinery installation and vibration reduction mechanism is simpler than the battery system.
3.Long cycle life
Supercapacitor's life time is 12years under neutral condition, 2 points: 1.supercapacitor's working temperature range from -40 to +65 degree. 2.Supercapacitor can charge and discharger 500,000 to 1000,000 times.The efficency can reach 97% or even more. Compare to supercapacitore, the batteries need more friendly environment,the bad environment and conteniously charging&discharging will extremly influence the life time, need to replace the battery every 2-4 years.
4.broad temperature range
As mentioned in previous,supercapacitor can get used to broad temperature range from -40 to +60 degree, but battery can't. The battery need warm and cool systerm and this will increase the cost. Supercapacitor does not need this.
5.Light weight
Energy storage systerm using battery normally has large volume and weight to meet the peak power requirement,eveng though the peak power last few seconds.When using supercapacitor, the volume and the weight are samller and lower as it's high-power discharge can meet the peak power requirement.

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