Super capacitor application in rail transit
Application Program Overview Projects

application description
Energy brake and recovery:Energy recovery during braking, which releases energy into the power system boot drive vehicle acceleration.
Power supply systerm:fully use of super capacitor transient charging characteristics, can be used as no striging city tram  power supply. (charging station).
Solutions introduction
There has special requirement for train and tram sotrage systerm.It must be extremly stable,long cycle life,low maintenance rate also can work under bad Environments.

  • Deal with peak current
  • high duty-cycle
  • frequently deep charge and discharge

Supercapacitor system / module is being used for such demanding energy storage device. Many of today's rail transportation applications also use brake energy recovery technology to provide energy for auxiliary starting, bridges power and grid /voltage regulation. In addition supercapacitors is also used as the locomotive engine starting and auxiliary start (battery and supercapacitor combination system) to provide power,Extends life time.
Advantages for using supercapacitor:

  • High recovery efficency of brake energy.
  • Good performance under -40 to +70 degree.
  • Has 1Million cycle times, safe and stable.
  • No maintanence required.

Rail voltage stabilization system
Normally train and tram system get power from the power grid, the operating voltage is typically between 600V to 1500V. Changes and fluctuations in the power grid is very sensitive to the overall system load . For example, if multiple trains running concurrently with the start and stop, the grid voltage will drop severely, train or tram will adversely affected. Thus, the energy storage system (ESS)can solve this problem. Since the ESS is capable of supporting the grid power, it can provide the necessary energy for the train / tram, It can avoid negative impact on the overall electricity grid, it is also called  "voltage regulation system." This system used in two ways, on-board energy storage system or the roadside. Means one is a system installed outside of the train / tram in a fixed position;Another system is installed on the train / tram. Such systems using brake energy recovery technology to collect and store the train / tram kinetic energy produced during braking, for subsequent use when needed . Such ESS made of supercapacitor modules,charging during braking and discharging when speed up .
Railway propusion system
Light rail generally use the electric propulsion power device . These vehicles require stable power grid. Light rail vehicle OEM manufacturers start to put supercapacitor into their design, used as power source or auxiliary power source to reduce the  grid system voltage. In such a light rail vehicle braking, the energy stored in the supercapacitor, and then released when the vehicle is speed up. Thereby reducing the need for grid electricity when bracking and speed up, improve vehicle performance while saving energy.
Locomotive engine starting
Large locomotive diesel engine is started by super capacitor accessory to reduce power load (generally is a group of large lead-acid battery). Engine starting, the starter load, the influence of the starter battery discharge, then start machine main engine crankshaft rotating to the right start speed. Finish several work in crankshaft after stroke, the engine can be started (assuming the fuel, fuel mixture, compression and ignition normal). Engine start, start special battery system must also for several other related auxiliary power supply system, such as hydraulic pump, in some cases, and the heater. In these cases, the appropriate size can be the super capacitor and battery system in parallel, for the system to provide the auxiliary power, reduce the loss of the battery voltage stability to the battery system in the process of start. In this configuration, the battery charging status of the system will not start the characteristics of locomotive engine cause adverse effect.

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