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The super capacitor in the application of new energy vehicles
Application Program Overview Projects

Application description

braking and energy recovery:Release energy when starting,Recover energy when braking.
cover compensation:compensate the peak power when the car is starting or accelerating.
start power: Can start the car when the weather is too cold or the internal battery runs out of power.
Cars start-stop system: to provide starting power with huge instant power, and stabilize the voltage.
Energy recovery: Supercapacitor is used as an energy storage device in the braking energy recovery system ,to meet the need for quick start car.
Application introduction
Supercapacitor with high power density, low temperature properties,short charging time , long life characteristics, it can be applied on supercapacitor hybrid engines and cooperate in starting, acceleration, providing instantaneous peak power when climbing, reduce fuel consumption.
It can also take advantage of the large current charging characteristics of supercapacitors to recover energy when the car brakes, to improve energy efficiency.
Take advantage of the broad temerature range, imporve the cars  starting performance under low temperature environment.
Hybrid bus propulsion systems
Hybrid bus propulsion system consists of a parallel hybrid system or a serial hybrid system. In a parallel hybrid electric bus, the internal combustion engine (ICE) and the motor are connected with the transmission. At this point the motor is only responsible for providing power at the time of start and stop, and when the vehicle is traveling at a higher speed by the internal combustion engine. When accelerating, the electric motor and the internal combustion engine are provided transmission power. Vehicle braking energy recovery system to absorb braking energy loss for the electrical charging system. In this case the electrical system consists of a set of super-capacitor module, responsible for the discharge during the acceleration phase, the charge in the braking phase.
Brake energy recovery / energy recovery
In the braking energy recovery system,collect the energy, and re-use subsequently.Energy collected mainly from vehicle braking system, then used to accelerate the vehicle for supporting or auxiliary loads. These events are generally short time (only a few seconds to minutes), but the power is very high.
The start-stop system (micro hybrid)
Supercapacitors provide an ideal solution as energy storage device. Supercapacitors can be more efficiently to recover and store energy, especially in the energy burst condition.Using start-stop technology allows conventional vehicles, electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles to stop the engines at a red light or stalled in traffic.
The system is intelligent combination of engine, brake and power management as basis. The system can turn off the internal combustion engine in a traffic jam or at a red light . Once the driver releases the clutch or throttle, the system will automatically re-start the engine.
Application: Stable Voltage and provide restart power.
Short-term backup power

To further reduce CO2 emissions, automotive OEM manufacturers need to enhance the degree of car electrification . Further innovation will bring comfort and safety aspects of the new vehicle system (boardnet) architecture (such as 48V). These new features will driver safety and overall experience plays a key role. They require a reliable backup power solution in the case of the main power source (battery) can not work .
Super capacitor has long life time, few or no maintenance necessory, and a wide temperature range (-40 ℃ to + 65 ℃) work enviroment, thus becoming the ideal solution for automotive applications backup power.
Application example: automatic transmission back-up power system, automatic crash response system, electronic control system
High peak power auxiliary power performance
Automobile systems for peak power demand is growing. Even if the battery is heavy and bulky, they do not affect their use, the battery can provide significant current longer time. It is regrettable that the battery can not put too much volatility, reverse connection and deep discharge and other improper operation. Besides the battery charge and discharge cycles compared with the super capacitor is also a lot of difference. Battery can withstand thousands of charge-discharge cycles, and super capacitor is able to complete the hundreds of thousands of charge-discharge cycles. Considering all these factors, it is clear that the super capacitor is ideal for high-performance technical peak power applications.
Cars emerging peak power applications: power steering, power assisted turbocharger, an active suspension system, the vehicle system voltage stability.)

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